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Whether you need backyard storage, a customized cabin by the lake or a garage on short notice, we will install your new structure quickly and carefully.  Our line of portable Amish built storage sheds, barns, garages, gazebos and children's playhouses are sure to please.

Call or e-mail us with questions: 609-284-8776 or info@AmishCountrySheds.com

Amish Country Sheds & Moving LLC is family owned and operated and has supplied quality sheds, gazebos and garages to homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, police & fire departments and the U.S. Government.  Our 40 years of experience shows with the highest quality sheds, fast delivery and best customer service around.  Our vinyl and wood exteriors have many siding colors with a variety of trim colors, allowing dozens of color mixtures. Quality Amish construction and many choices make these structures enticing to any home owner.

We provide customers with a wide selection of well-crafted, fine quality storage Sheds and Barns. We currently offer a variety of different Standard, Custom and Deluxe models with options including Traditional Wood, Maintenance-free Vinyl, and a large range of special options.  Amish Country Sheds is committed to providing you with the best in everything we do, from customer service and production to the final installation of your storage shed or barn. Our promise to you: a top quality product for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.


People are always running out of storage space.  Always needing an additional garage or shed to store your tools and other equipment. WE can provide a style and size to fit any need.   A high-quality Shed or Garage from Amish Country Sheds & Moving LLC might simply be just what you need.  Plus, if you’re just looking to add a little style and elegance to your environs, one of our Fantastic Gazebos might be perfect for you.  Or a Playhouse for the kids!  We offer free local delivery of our fine wood and vinyl structures.  

Call us or visit our Showroom today for details on our current inventory!

Vinyl Gazebo


Our elegant looking, Custom-sized Gazebos will brighten up any backyard or plot of land.  We work hard to ensure that you enjoy quality service. Our Custom Gazebos are built to order.  Do you have specific needs for your gazebo that aren't available?  We can customize yours to accommodate for anything!  That's why our gazebos are top notch and specially built for each individual customer.  We put care into our hard work, and it pays off with a nice end result.



Are you purchasing a new shed from AMISH COUNTRY SHEDS & MOVING LLC to replace something worn out and unsafe, or just looking to remove an eyesore? Sure - you can do it yourself and put it at the curb, but - honestly - its HARD and potentially dangerous work! We are experienced in demolition and removal of all kinds of sheds - in various stages of disrepair. We will come to you -  provide a reasonable and accurate quote (the quote will NOT change when we are on the site!). We are fully insured and practice safety & professionalism in all our work. We haul out and clean up the site completely, including scanning the area with magnets, and handle off site disposal. Most shed teardowns are finished in only a few hours. You will never know the shed ever existed.


In NJ, any portable storage structure between 101 and 200 sq ft, is required to be placed on a stone pad. We provide a professional service at a reasonable price. We have found the best base to use is 3/8" crushed stone for a solid base that stays in place. It is a much tighter, compact base than 3/4" - meaning your shed will maintain level and doors aligned for many more years. While not necessary with 3/8" stone, we can enclose the pad with pressure treated landscaping beams. Call today for a quote!


Eric Dasher    5.0 out of 5 Stars

AAA+++ I can't recommend these guys enough. Anyone can drop a shed in your yard. The professionalism, experience and care that comes with this company isn't easy to come by and they bring it all with them when they advise and deliver a shed. Top notch guys to work with!!!  Thanks

Michael O Betancourt    5.0 out of 5 Stars

Dad Scott & Son Zac Do a fantastic job. They showed up when they said they would & charged me a fair price. These guys are one of the few companies that will move a shed they DIDN'T sell. Located at the Amish Mkt. Rt 70 in Medford N.J. They moved a shed i bought from a neighbor & made sure it was good & level before they left. I would use them again.

Dana Januszka — 5 star

​AHHHHHHHH-MAZING!!!!! Can not thank you enough for your timeliness, courtesy, and being soooo willing to take on the challenge of moving our playhouse. Would DEFINITELY refer anyone your way and can't wait to shop for sheds from you!


It is widely understood that Amish built sheds, garages, gazebos, and playhouses are the best available. There is no alternative! QUALITY IS STANDARD: 30 year GAF Architectural (Dimensional- not 3 tab) shingles, Dura-temp T-111 plywood or maintenance free vinyl siding and REAL PLYWOOD floors - 3/4". The best on the market! Amish Country Sheds & Moving LLC receives your structure direct from Amish builders in Lancaster.


Whether you purchase one of our quality built Amish structures, or have an existing shed you need moved - we do it all. We don't simply drop and run. We are proud of our workmanship & product and ensure that you enjoy it for many years - by providing a COMPLETE SERVICE. We level every shed delivered - we level front to back and side to side, operate your windows and doors to ensure everything works properly and if ordered - set the ramp in place (ramps are a popular option!). 

We can place your structure using several methods. For sites with direct access, we will back up our custom built trailer to the final resting spot . For placement in tight spaces or hard angle turns, we use our light weight E-Z Mover to "drive the shed" to its location. For larger sheds, we also use a "Mule". If access of a fully pre-built structure is impossible, we provide a semi pre-built  Amish "kit", which is assembled on site in just a few hours.


Does my town or association require a shed permit - who handles that?

Requirements between towns and associations vary greatly and may have restrictions regarding structure placement or size. It is your responsibility to contact your town or association and acquire and necessary paperwork and/or permits if required. However, we have found most are quite knowledgeable and provide quick answers - permits are often issued same day. 

Can I stop during off hours - at your location at 109 Rt 70, Medford, NJ at the Dutch Wagon Market - to view the models on display? 

Yes, people often come during the week when the market it closed. If we are there loading a shed for delivery, feel free to ask questions or to unlock a specific model.

I see you have many styles and color combinations, can you also customize a shed?

Certainly! While we stock a large selection of sheds available for immediate delivery with different styles, colors and options, sheds can be custom ordered with various shingle colors, siding, trim and door colors at no additional charge.

Can I move doors and windows to different walls?

Yes, we will work with you to make your structure unique - please move windows and doors around to fit your specific needs - at no additional charge. 

Can I add shelves, windows and dormers? 

There are many, many options you can add to make your shed fit your specific needs. Shelving and lofts options are popular, as well - ramps additional or larger windows, upgraded doors (steel or painted fiberglass), higher walls, and dormer windows can be added above or in the doors or even in the roof.

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